Well, I've had a fun day of trying my hand at the fantastic US Web Design System () while assembling the beginnings of trnzt.com, which is intended to provide some useful analyses of system data via .

I'm starting to tinker with the US Web Design System and I'm really digging it. It's a really thoughtful design system. designsystem.digital.gov/

Wow, so @internetarchive is launching Palm Pilot emulation soon and it turns out they have my #Diabetes app GlucoPilot up and running in the browser. I released this in 1998 and it was the first portable diabetes management app! plus charts! https://archive.org/details/palm3_glucopil

shitposts are the lubricant of the timeline, they help keep things flowing down, stopping big topics from getting too blocked up.

I do enjoy getting 's newsletter late Sunday/early Monday and trying my hand at the " [questions] of the week." buttondown.email/cassidoo/arch

My answer in to this week's question: codepen.io/thzinc/pen/poKpxMN

Throwing this into #projects (thanks to @simon for getting this going!)

Last Tuesday I set up a scraper to collect LA County election results data to track post-election day returns. https://github.com/rdmurphy/scrape-la-county-election-results-2022

A week later and I'm now putting it to use. In this notebook I've prepared a few views of the data. Choose a contest and take a look!


Be sad, remember, and then move knowing that being a human means not being alone.

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For example, I made a simple French cleat to hang all this on the wall and was stoked to actually have it work out!

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I've been watching a lot of Laura Kampf (youtube.com/@laurakampf) videos and definitely feel like I picked up on some of her "use what you have" and "try out something new" attitudes toward making things.

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I'm working on a way for people to share alt text for images. If other people might re-use alt text you wrote, would you prefer it to be credited to you by username or anonymous?

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Continuing my streak, I finally got around to building a battery charging station for all my and tool batteries!

UPDATE: no need for further boosting. Thank you everyone!

My boss, Matt Mullenweg, the boss of Automattic, owner of Tumblr, is looking for ex-Twitter employees for Tumblr, saying,

"we're putting on a fast track to see how they can help super-charge Tumblr. We can't absorb thousands of people, but I'd be open to hiring entire teams if they already work great together."


Our "work with us" page: https://automattic.com/work-with-us/

#Twitter #JobFairy #Automattic #Tumblr

Now that I've had a couple days away from work and feel like I'm starting to get some of my own bandwidth back, I've been having some fun with my 3D printer: thingiverse.com/thing:5640418

Amazing how you can just forget everything during a live coding assessment

Can't get this shot of Gritty in a Philly airport mural out of my mind. He is feeling FINE.

One thing I liked about the other site was that I only had to create a single "persona" where I could interact across multiple domains or interests. In the Olden Dayes we had to manage half a dozen different presentations of ourselves, one for each forum, or niche website, or chat system, etc. Twitter was "the internet", in a significant way, for me.

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one wilshire, a home for los angeles, where everything ends up

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