Thanks to Derya Ataker for piecing together that Bob Dylan’s 2020 painting Pop’s Beer Shack is based on a shot from the 1945 Otto Preminger film noir Fallen Angel.


How much public space we've surrendered to cars (Swedish artist Karl Jilg)

I can't believe I even have to say this, but please do not grant the San Francisco police department the power to kill people using armed robots:

I’ve never thought there was a simple reason that China banned films involving #TimeTravel. But this must be part of the reason.

SIGINT #74527 from NROL-111 (TOP SECRET)

1. Oblique Canticle Cartel
2. Defunct Kaleidoscopes

@thedarktangent DEF CON now has a larger moderation team than Twitter. This is a strange world.

@idoubtit My favorite thing about usenet may have been the regulars in the X-Files group flooding troll posts with recipes.

Playful DIY from Japan to California to New York, and new NZ music from former members of Flying Nun bands (Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, The Renderers) are among my finds played on my show this week. Up and streaming now:

Another pirate is on 6930 kHz USB and is playing turkey gobbles at random intervals (along with the Peanuts theme)

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Oddball shortwave pirate station of the day: DB Cooper Radio. Someone got on 6950.6 kHz, started off with Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” and then played nothing but songs and news stories about D.B. Cooper.
HF Underground thread:

Got pulled into GLITCH, a new 10 part Korean series that's ostensibly about para-reality, UFOs, repressed memories, etc. but crosses that with a story about friendship, faith, and modern disassociation. Every turn into cults and crop circles countered with turns into cigarettes, boredom, and the sense that good questions are more important than good answers. Don't watch if you need to have everything explained.

Dr. Feelgood go full-throttle in front of a small crowd of kids and passer-bys somewhere in France, 1976

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one wilshire, a home for los angeles, where everything ends up

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