"Making common spiritual cause with the city’s faiths and its leaders has been a hallmark of Judaism in . The magnificent Wilshire Boulevard Temple was built and presided over by Rabbi Edgar Magnin, a native and for nearly 70 years head of the city’s oldest Jewish congregation."

LAT's columnist Patt Morrison highlights some of the city's Jewish history: latimes.com/california/story/2

"Since 1958, you & I have grown up together through the good times and the bad. The transistor radio is what bound us together," Vin Scully. kcet.org/shows/lost-la/13-vin-

Wishing a happy birthday up there in Blue Heaven!

Dec 1–4: "The Story of Biddy Mason" play will be performed at UCI's Experimental Media Performance Lab. arts.uci.edu/event/story-biddy

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In “Black City: The Los Angeles Edition,” J. Yolande Daniels included Biddy Mason’s block in her project that mapped four African American communities in early Los Angeles. youtu.be/WGI3XfWgW4I

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Nov 28, 1866: Biddy Mason finalized the purchase of her property between Broadway and Spring Streets in . The deed (online via NHMLA: collections.nhm.org/seaver-cen) is embedded in the timeline in Memorial Park (located here -> goo.gl/maps/XmZgDPWzuctU62kz6).

"More architecturally diverse than anywhere in Los Angeles, [] is a microcosm of the city’s colorful architectural development."

LAist: laist.com/news/how-to-la/angel

"Taking its name from the (now-demolished) –designed Googie’s coffee shop in Hollywood, the trend peaked in the mid-20th century but petered out in the early ’70s, and has since become increasingly hard to spot as more and more period motels, cafés, and gas stations disappear from the ever-evolving Los Angeles landscape."


Today’s Google Doodle honors Myrtle Gonzalez, Mexican American silent film actress born in Los Angeles in 1891. In many of her , Myrtle Gonzalez “often portrayed vigorous outdoor heroines.” books.google.com/books?id=6YhM

“The lowrider car has a history of representing Chicano history, as well as expressing pride in being Chicano in Los Angeles, and so it has become an icon in the artwork of prominent Chicano artists.” CSUN Library: library.csun.edu/eNews/Fall-20

The exhibit titled “The Politics of Low & Slow” is up at the Library until July 2023.

"If you’re traveling through in the coming weeks, we have a great new exhibition in the Waiting Room titled The Yellow Car and Los Angeles." thesource.metro.net/2022/11/21

“I have prepared this book mostly because of my concern about the continuing destruction of our [] parks and wilderness areas. We have very little open space left, and yet special interests even now are planning further destruction of the previous little we do have," Leo Politi.

From the book “Tales of the Los Angeles Parks” by artist (born in 1908).

"August 27, 2022, marked the thirtieth anniversary of the permanent closure of the General Motors Van Nuys plant. Local periodicals observed the date by profiling the last Chevrolet Camaro to roll off the assembly line. Signed by over 2000 auto plant workers, the red interior and black laced Camaro symbolized 'a vanished era of labor' that had defined the during the latter twentieth century." icwblog.wordpress.com/

Esther McCoy’s “writing deftly illuminates the rapidly changing city and West Coast modernism for both mainstream readers and architectural cognoscenti. When she describes midcentury design as ‘the marriage between Walden Pond and Douglas Aircraft,' it’s a perfectly turned phrase that defines an era.” Reader: eastofborneo.org/shop/piecing-

Architectural historian Esther McCoy was born in 1904.

"As a young woman living in , Octavia Butler often took the long bus ride into the busy maze of downtown Los Angeles to visit the multistory Central Library,” Lynell George.

Beautifully illustrated essay about in the New York Times: nytimes.com/interactive/2022/1

“The idea of creating a facility where Native people can engage with works their ancestors created, and work collaboratively and have access — which they haven’t had for many, many years — I think is really, critically important to the cultural heritage and also the [Autry Museum's] relationship with tribes," Joe D. Horse Capture. latimes.com/entertainment-arts

ov 26–Dec 18: CASA 0101 Theater presents “Remembering Boyle Heights: Part 2” -> casa0101.org/?shows=rememberin. Preview is on Nov 20 @ 8pm.

Nov 14, 1926: Designed by architect Paul R. Williams, the 28th Street YMCA was dedicated on this day.

"Los Angeles' 28th Street YMCA served as a vital part of the African American community for many years before its transformation into low-income housing," National Trust for Historic Preservation (2014). savingplaces.org/stories/the-l

In 2020, Mike Davis and Jon Wiener published the book “Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties.” In a recent essay for the Review of Books, Jon Wiener wrote about his experience in researching/writing the book with .

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